This hack connects you to the Internet via a virtual modem

200.00 Pound £

Holywell, Cornwall, United Kingdom


21 Oct 2017 at 12:37


Legend tells of a programmer named Martin Kirkholt Melhus who worked at a client site where there was no Internet. Realizing most of his work involved cutting and pasting from StackOverflow, he needed a way to get online. And so he turned his speaker and microphone into a working (in theory) modem. “This was only ever intended as a gimmick and a proof of concept – not something that I would actually use at work,” he wrote. “Please keep this in mind before arguing why I should be fired over this in various online comment sections.”

The system works in HTML5 and converts text to modem tones. The speed is obviously a bit slow but it should be enough to steal an entire chunk of Python and drag it into Visual Editor.


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